The Benefits of Adaptive Reuse Over New Construction

Urban landscapes provide a visitor with a visual tour that reflects cultural, technological and architectural innovations and tastes through time. As buildings outlast their original use, the temptation might be to demolish and rebuild in the latest styles with the newest technologies and materials. There are, however, benefits to maintaining the original structure and adapting […]

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SCA and the ZOLL LifeVest

Continuous Monitoring and Rapid SCA Intervention with ZOLL LifeVest Sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA, is a life-threatening emergency that can happen at any time and without warning. When a person experiences SCA, it will trigger a dangerously fast heartbeat. This causes their heart to quiver or shake instead of pumping blood to the body and […]

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Lovely and pretty skin requires commitment, not a miracle. Stress will get you pimple tears will get you wrinkles so smile and make dimples and make your skin shine like a flower. Acne is just another name of pimples, and they grow on your face when you don’t care about your skin when the oil-producing […]

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