Do You Know What A Heated Tobacco Product Is?


In a heated tobacco product, the tobacco is heated at a lower temperature than in a traditional cigarette. These goods contain nicotine, a substance that is very addictive. The tobacco, which includes nicotine and other compounds, produces an aerosol or smoke that can be inhaled as a result of heat.

Heets is a certain Swiss company that has developed this product and are marketing them. They claim that it is a better alternate than traditional smoking.

HTPs may also have additives, such as flavouring agents, that are absent from tobacco. HTPs typically heat tobacco to less than 600 °C, which is lower than the temperature of traditional cigarettes. HTPs use heated sealed chambers, specialized cigarettes, or embedded or external heat sources.

Although there are certain hybrid products that can use both solid tobacco and e-liquids, HTPs typically employ tobacco in the form of leaf or another solid, whereas e-cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporise a liquid carrying nicotine.

HTPs come in a variety of forms. The two most typical designs are those that heat the tobacco leaf using an electric battery and those that do it using a lit carbon ember. Similar appliances are available that heat cannabis rather than tobacco.

No proof was found in a 2016 World Health Organization report to back up claims of decreased risk or health advantages compared to traditional cigarettes. Evidence from a 2018 Public Health England report suggests HTPs may be less safe than e-cigarettes, but safer than regular cigarettes.

According to research, some HTP aerosols have levels of carcinogens and nicotine that are similar to those in regular cigarettes. The UK Committee on Toxicity advises smokers to give up cigarettes altogether even though heated tobacco products may be less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

The effectiveness of HTPs in helping smokers stop, or potential side effects of second-hand exposure, is not supported by enough research. According to the scant data on air emissions from HTP use, there is a higher risk of hazardous exposure from these items than from e-cigarettes. HTP use has been rated by smokers as being less enjoyable than smoking cigarettes.

Alternative tobacco products were created by cigarette businesses as early as the 1960s. HTPs were first offered on the market in 1988, but they did not prove to be financially successful. One reason the industry has created and marketed new products like HTPs may be the global drop in cigarette use.

How does heated tobacco work?

Around 1300°F is the temperature at which tobacco leaves burn in cigarettes. The temperature reached by heated tobacco products, roughly 600°F heats tobacco leaves without burning them. As opposed to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), heated tobacco products employ tobacco leaves as their nicotine source rather than liquid nicotine.

In order to heat the tobacco leaves inside the tobacco stick, the user inserts the tobacco stick into the holder and presses a button to activate the heater. The cigarette stick will be heated by IQOS devices for six minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first.

The created aerosol can then be inhaled by the user. In the case of IQOS, users must recharge the holder after each usage of a cigarette stick because a tobacco stick can only be used once.