What are the effects of marijuana that you must know before taking it, even for medicinal purposes?

  • You can get high

This is one of the main purposes for the use of marijuana, to get high. People use to smoke it, eat it, or drink it so that they can get high. This condition is where your brain loses its focus and you start enjoying yourself and have a feeling of euphoria. The effects of being high might start wearing off within 1-3 hours of taking it.

  • It affects mental health as well

The mental health of a person is also affected by the intake of marijuana. For some people, this weed can be a source of pleasure while for others, it can be the reason for having anxiety, depression, and stress. The mental well-being of a person is highly at risk when taking even medicinal marijuana, therefore one must be very careful with its use.

  • It can affect your thinking as well

Marijuana is known to affect your thinking and focus as well. it can cause distortion and can cloud your senses as well. your decision-making power might also get affected by the use of marijuana so do everything very carefully if you are getting your .

  • You could become addicted

If you are stressed and this weed is helping you get high and forget all your issues in life, then there are chances that you could get addicted to it, and getting you out of this trouble could become highly challenging for you and the people who are near to you. This is the reason why even the intake of medicinal marijuana is to be done with great care.

  • It may impair your brain

Since marijuana is known to affect your brain as well, it can make you lose your focus, make it hard for you to learn new things and it can even make it difficult for you to remember things. Therefore, this effect on the brain can result in depression on your path to success and can be troublesome in the future as well.

  • It can damage your lungs as well

Marijuana is known to affect the lungs as well and the continuous use of this weed can be very harmful to a person’s lungs. It can cause breathing problems along with chronic cough and can cause pain in your throat as well.