5 Things To Avoid When You Have A Colicky Baby

Children Health

It can be very hard to be a new parent. Especially when you have a colic baby. A colicky baby can be crying for a number of reasons that you may not understand. It is not that the baby is not healthy, it is just that they are suffering and can’t explain it to you, so they cry every time they want you to know their problem.

Being a parent, you want to ensure that your baby is healthy, happy, and comfortable and that your child does not suffer from problems like colic. You will have an idea of how uncomfortable, fussy, and irritated babies can get because of colic. Even babies just a few months old can have stomach pain and discomfort because of colic.

If your baby is facing problems with sleeping and crying inconsolably, then you need to get your hands on Kolik gripe water by Dr. Chase Pediatrics. They are specially designed for young ones to get relief from Colic, Cramps, Upset stomach, Hiccups, and gas relief for newborns.

They are made up of Medicinal Ingredients and non-medicinal ingredients like water and sucrose. There is an originalformulas and one that does not have any alcohol content. It gives instant relief and baby can sleep calmly again. It soothes and calms the baby with just a few drops of Kolik relief.

You can even avoid a few things while breastfeeding so that the baby does not have any colic issues. Food items to avoid while feeding a colic baby:

  • Gluten – wheat and other kinds of grains have gluten content in them. They are the most common contributor to increasing colic in the young ones. If your baby is sensitive to gluten and shows colic signs then make sure you avoid Oats, Wheat, rye, and barley wherever possible.
  • Garlic And Onion – you can avoid certain vegetables like onion, garlic, turnips, cabbage, broccoli, and beans. If you are breast feeding your baby it increases colic signs.
  • Dairy – Milk products like milk, ice cream, and cheese can cause gas in kids and if they are having issues with colic this is the simplest way you can follow just avoid dairy products.
  • Drinks with caffeine in them – if you are a caffeine person but it causes discomfort for your baby, it would be better to switch to coffee or tea. It is much better if you try and have organic or natural tea that can be helpful in calming the baby’s tummy.
  • Certain kinds of fruits – fruits like apricot, prunes, rhubarb, and peaches can be a way to flare up colic in babies. So, it is the best to avoid these fruits when your baby is very sensitive to colic.

Get your hands on the Kolik gripe water to calm your baby or follow a good diet by avoiding these food items. Follow these tips to make sure that your baby is healthy as he/she grows.