10 Signs You’re Depressed After an Accident


Many people recover quickly from physical injuries after an accident, but escaping the mental trauma is not a piece of cake. The bitter pieces of memory don’t slip out from the mind so quickly and sometimes, also have an impact on daily life. People lose focus and concentration while feeling helpless at the same time.

You might think you’re doing fine until the whole incident comes in front of your eyes again and again. Just like physical recovery, mental recovery is equally crucial after an accident. Therefore, look out for these 10 signs to determine if you’re depressed after an accident.

1.Inability to Concentrate

Have you ever found yourself losing focus every minute? You’re doing something while having something else in mind. This can be a mere sign of depression because it snatches away a person’s ability to think and concentrate properly.

You might not realize this in the beginning, but soon the people around you start noticing it. Feel free to look out for occupational therapy in Sydney because mental well-being comes first. It can help you overcome the trauma putting up with routine life.

2.Persistent Headaches

There’s no point in comforting yourself by overlooking symptoms of depression. It’s real and can happen to anyone after an accident. Indeed, depression is a mental illness, but it can throw some headaches too.

After all, you’re thinking and procrastinating all day, which puts pressure and tension on your brain. Thus, leaving you with headaches. If you think headaches are normal, it’s true, but not when they don’t step down. Depression leads to perpetual headaches and makes it urgent to seek help from an expert or else you never know when it turns into a severe migraine.

3.Difficulty in Sleeping

Insomnia is one of the potential signs of depression. Every person has to cope up with sleeping difficulties in this phase of depression. You might come across something like this after your accident. Sometimes, it happens because of unpleasant dreams, high thought processes, and excessive fatigue.

On the same hand, you might end up oversleeping too. Even though you’re oversleeping, you can turn out waking up tired. If you witness any such things happening, do look out for help to purge out this phase of depression.

4.Loss of Interest

Don’t you love hanging out with friends? Everyone does, but if you no longer get excited to meet your friends, it leaves a potential sign of depression. Usually, people start losing interest in everything. If these things are happening to you, instead of ignoring, take it seriously and call out for help. After all, there’s no point in drowning into depression just because you had an accident. So, rather than letting the situation impact you negatively, knock it off and move ahead.

5.Consistent Regret and Guilt

Don’t you think humans are incomplete without making mistakes? It’s in human nature, and this is what sets us apart from artificial intelligence. If the accident happens to be your fault, then remind yourself about being a human.

You can’t live with guilt and regrets all your life, and it won’t do anything rather than just eat you from the inside. There might have potential losses incurred, you might have lost your job, but don’t you think ups and downs are a part of life? Thus, exchange your mind with positive thoughts and things that make you happy to escape from the feeling of regret and guilt.

6.Impotent Decision Making

You might think you’re going good until your critical thinking skills come into play. Sometimes, you can’t get the hang of the things happening around you due to which it becomes futile to make decisions. You can’t escape this phase of life because life is full of decisions, especially if you’re at a high post in professional life. Regular decision making is more like a part of the job. So, before things take an ugly turn, consult a doctor, and explain your situation to pull yourself out of this phase of depression.

7.Ever-lasting Fatigue and Tiredness

Recovering from physical injuries is not a piece of cake, but sooner or later, everything starts to heal. Unfortunately, this is not the case with mental trauma and injuries. You continue feeling tired, even without doing anything, because your brain is unable to rest. No matter how much you try, it keeps on reflecting the same incident again and again. If you fail to seek help, this can last a lifetime, making it out of the question to rise above this phase of depression.

8.Feeling of Hopelessness

Injuries after an accident are very severe. You have a pile of medicines lying beside your bed, while persistent pains in the whole body. Believe it or not, this time can be tough. There might be countless feelings whirling your mind; you might feel hopeless of no use. But remember, this time shall pass too.

Some people start procrastinating about medical finances and repairing finances in case of a car accident. Others have their jobs at risk due to extended recovery time. Before anything else, you have to stop overthinking, just go with the flow, and everything would start falling in place.


Anyone can become a target of anxiety. If you witness any panic attacks, phobias, stomach aches, all these are signs of anxiety and a major characteristic of depression. You might think it’s normal to experience panic attacks and tensions after an accident. You’re doing nothing but triggering anxiety to reach its peak. Hence, looking out for help is imperative.

10.Low Energy Levels

Honestly, no one expects you to jump with excitement while flaunting a huge smile after an accident. On the same hand, no one expects you to put zips on your mouth, shutting doors for any sorts of interactions. There are high chances of this happening if your energy levels are low after an accident; instead of ignoring it, consider it a potential sign of depression.

Remember, you have to carry on living life normally. However, things haven’t been normal in the past few weeks or months, but it’s important to come over that phase by seeking help.

11.To Conclude,

Many people look forward to recovering from physical injuries to continue with their life, without realizing the importance of mental recovery. This is the reason why they come across signs of depression. So, make sure you’re not neglecting these signs. Feel free to take a look at the above-mentioned signs to see if you’re depressed after an accident or not.