Is Vacuum Pump Effective in Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is quickly spreading among the youth and is a growing concern around the world. The fact is that more than 18 million people over the age of 20 in the United States are reported to develop erectile dysfunction every year. This is not a small number and thus there is a need to find ways to cure this embarrassing disorder. Though there are several treatments and procedures available to treat erectile dysfunction but they are effective only if the root cause of the disorder is find out on time.

People also have misconception about erectile dysfunction. People think just because they cannot get erection they are suffering from erectile dysfunction but in reality it is different. Erectile dysfunction is that state of penis where the arteries responsible for supplying blood to the two chambers of penis becomes constrict and becomes unable to keep it tense. Thus the person suffering from erectile dysfunction is not been able to have complete erection and maintain it for the entire course of intercourse and ejaculate.

There are many reasons why erectile dysfunction disorder hit people of all age group. Some underlying medical condition like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, blood pressure, spinal cord problems, brain surgery etc. are responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction. So proper consultation with the doctor and taking prescription drugs or the recreational drug like generic Cialis can help overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  Beside if the person don’t want to take prescription drugs or Cialis generic he can opt for therapies or devices like vacuum pump to correct erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum devices generally known as vacuum constriction device or VCD are designed to create erection and help maintain it for the entire intercourse duration. The external device comes with a pump and an accompanying band to help people create and maintain erection. So let’s evaluate whether vacuum pumps are effective or not?

How vacuum pump work?

The acrylic cylinder with a pump is attached directly to the penis. Then the accompanying constriction band is placed at the core of the penis. The acrylic cylinder and pump is used to create vacuum by which the blood is pulled toward the two chambers of the penis and once the erection is achieved the constriction band is applied to maintain the erection. This way the person is able to indulge in sexual activity and enjoy it.

How effective are vacuum pump?

As far as effectiveness of vacuum pumps is considered they are only effective till the time they are in use by the person. Basically a vacuum pump is not a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction. So if a person is suffering from some underlying medical condition or some psychological factor is disrupting the erection then it is advised that the person first meet a doctor and try to find the root cause of erectile dysfunction and try to eliminate it completely. Vacuum pump is only a good alternative if the person lacks sex arousal or is unable to maintain perfect erection.