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Imagine that you are having dinner with your spouse in a five-star restaurant that prohibits smoking and someone next to you appears to start puffing on a cigarette. You find yourself sitting next to a huge cloud of vapor (that you may believe to be cigarette smoke). You stare angrily while thinking about reprimanding them for smoking. We understand the displeasure you may be going through in this instance. However, before you go create a scene, you should know that the person may not be smoking traditional cigarettes.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the concept of electronic cigarettes and how they work.


Vapes, otherwise referred to as electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, or smokeless cigarettes, are a less harmful nicotine consumption alternative to smoking tobacco. E-cigs and traditional cigarettes are significantly similar in appearance however, the former does not need any flame or a match. Also, unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs have no tobacco content, making them less harmful than smoking.


Vapes or electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries and works by heating e-liquids to produce a vapor (or cloud as many call it). This cloud is what users inhale. E-Cigs do not produce ash or distasteful smoke and resultant smell, neither do they require burning to function. Also, the majority of toxic chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide produced by traditional cigarettes are absent from electronic cigarettes.

One of the reasons many people prefer vaping to smoking is that vaping prevents smoking coughs. Most electronic cigarettes work the same way; however, some of them are manufactured for advanced users. If you still searching for the perfect e-liquids to enhance your vaping experience, you can check these guys out for a start.

While E-Cigs were manufactured in China in the year 2003, they were not released to the market until 2004. Today, e-Cigs can be easily found in a lot of local stores around the world.

Most electronic cigarettes automatically begin converting e-liquids to inhalable vapor (also known as vaporization) when the user inhales for the first time. However, a few of them have a switch that allows the device to begin vaporization once it is activated.

E-cigs consist of three major parts:

  • LITHIUM BATTERY: this provides the power the device needs for vaporization. While some e-cigs contain lithium batteries that can only last for one use, reusable e-cigs allow users to recharge batteries when their power is depleted.
  • VAPORIZATION CHAMBER: This is the hollow tube that the lithium battery is connected to. This tube contains the atomizer and electronic controls. The atomizer heats the e-liquid to convert it to vapor.
  • CARTRIDGE: The cartridge is the compartment that contains the e-liquid. Users typically insert the cartridge into the e-cig before vaping. The cartridge supplies the e-liquid to the vaporization chamber where it is heated up before being inhaled as a vapor.

Also, some electronic cigarettes come with LEDs at the other end of the device that mimics the appearance of a traditional cigarette.