Guide on Kids Blue Light Glasses

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Though it’s still not clear what this back to school season will look like, chances are your child will be participating in online learning in some form. And with all this uncharted territory, the last thing you should have to worry about is your child’s eye health being compromised from harmful blue light exposure. That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider investing in kids’ blue light glasses.

What is Blue Light? 

Blue light waves make up approximately one third of all visible light. While blue light is emitted by the sun, it also comes from our LED screens, such as computers and mobile phones. What determines the level of health risks associated with harmful blue light rays is directly related to the amount of time spent on our digital devices and the distance we are from it. Excessive intake of blue light rays could lead to a number of negative health effects, including insomnia, myopia, and digital eye strain.

zFORT™ Blue Blocking Technology 

zFORT™ technology offered by online designer eyewear retailer SmartBuyGlasses can be added to any of your kids eyeglasses this year. This blue light coating for your kid’s lenses protects against harmful blue light rays emitted from their screens. While online learning might be what your child’s new school year looks like, there’s no reason that it has to put your kids sleep pattern or eye health at risk.

How to Add zFortLensesto Your Frames

You can add zFORT coating to any lenses at check out when you shop with SmartBuyGlasses. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Select any glasses frames that you think your child will love
  2. Optional: Select the “Virtual Try On” feature on the left to filter for glasses that your child can try-on virtually.
  3. Go through the check out process, adding your child’s prescription if necessary, until  you are prompted to add a zFORT coating to your lenses.

Check out our top picks for stylish back to school frames that can become kids’ blue light glasses instantly!

SmartBuy Kids Elton 

These shiny black SmartBuy Kids glasses are hypoallergenic and lightweight. Plus a back up pair of glasses is never a bad idea when it comes to active kids.

SmartBuy Kids Phaki

Convinced you need that back up pair of kids eyeglasses for your back to school list? Get reliable frames like these SmartBuyPhaki eyeglasses. These glasses are perfect for pulling you out of a tight situation.

Ray-Ban Junior

Did you know Ray-Ban also made glasses for children? Along with everything that changed this year, it’s likely your kid’s style has too. Add zFORT™ lenses to this trendy pair of glasses to give your little one a look they’ll love with protection they need.

Discover more than 180 designer eyewear brands and over 80,000 pairs of sunglasses & eyeglasses for the best price at SmartBuyGlasses. Buying glasses online has never been easier with the help of their Virtual Try-On tool. It’s a game-changing technology that works just like an online mirror – allowing you to see yourself wearing hundreds of eyeglasses, thereby taking the guesswork out of your online shopping experience.

Nike 5509

Nike kids glasses are great for the active rugrat in your life. If your child is spending more time in doors this year, sports are going to be more important to both of you than ever. These kids sports glasses are not only durable but stylish too.