7 Benefits of Regularly Brushing Your Teeth

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Brush, Brush, Brush, to keep the cavities away!

When we were young, we always hear this familiar line sung to us by our parents. They never got tired of singing this song to encourage, and sometimes to force us to brush our teeth three times a day. Maybe at that time, we don’t give much value to the importance of brushing our teeth because when we were told to so, we always respond with a crumpled face- well, mostly! Cute, right? Yeah, it’s cute until we truly realize its significance.

But why do our parents orient us about this hobby of regularly brushing our teeth at a very young age? How important is it then? To know the answer of these unrecognized yet straightforward questions, keep your heads up and read on!

Here are the Seven Benefits of Regularly Brushing Your Teeth

Get Rid of Gum Disease. Gum disease is the widespread health benefit of regular brushing. Taking your toothbrush and stroking it through your mouth keeps your gums healthy because it stimulates them. In this say, your gums are prevented against gum diseases like gingivitis.

You will know that you are suffering from a gum disease when your gums are becoming red; they are swollen, and they are easily bleeding. To avoid these conditions, make sure that there is no plaque and cavity build-up around your teeth by regularly brushing your teeth.

Maintain Fresh Breath. When you brush your teeth regularly, you are also removing rubbish that naturally sticks on your teeth. If in case you don’t make tooth brushing a habit, you will develop oral odor because unremoved rubbish intensifies and attracts bacteria in the mouth that causes an unwanted smell. This is the reason why daily and frequent mouth cleaning is necessary to maintain fresh breath.

Keep unbroken and complete rows of teeth. Consistent brushing prevents tooth loss. As explained, tooth brushing scrubs rubbish away, thus preventing plaque build-up. But why is plaque removal important? If you continue neglecting cavities, they descend to the tooth and destroy the bone in the jaw that supports and strengthen teeth. Hence, if this destruction happens, you will lose your teeth.

Reduce heart and stroke threats. Yes, you got it right! Tooth brushing is not only for oral benefits, but it is also valuable for some significant and serious health condition. Gum disease can also cause heart failure and stroke because back bacteria that are active in your mouth can fuse over the bloodstream.

Gum problem indeed sounds unthreatening but little did we know that it can already significantly affect our overall health. That is why brushing your teeth regularly on a daily basis must not be procrastinated nor underestimated.

Diabetes Prevention and Reduction. Gum disease like gingivitis makes it hard for people who are suffering from diabetes to control blood glucose. Also, people with diabetes are more prone to gum disease that makes it harder for them to heal because uncontrollable blood glucose production contributes to diabetes progression.

Hence, consistently brushing your teeth can minimize and prevent diabetes which is a known life-threatening disease. Yes, there is more to tooth brushing than just a little tooth whitening!

Save Your Lungs. If you don’t take tooth brushing seriously, you will build more plaques and cavities, and that means petting bad bacteria inside your mouth. Gross! Inattention to this condition may lead to significant health problems like lung disease. If there are already too much bacteria living in your mouth, there is a greater possibility that you will inhale it down to your lower respiratory tract and cause health complications and infections.

Mend Up Overall Health. Some people may consider dental care insignificant, but neglecting it imposes serious health problem such as stroke, heart problem, lung disease, infertility, dementia, and other significant physical complications. In this say, maintaining good oral hygiene can significantly benefit and improve your overall health. It doesn’t have to be expensive, start from regularly brushing your teeth!


Now, knowing the health benefits that toothbrushing may bring to us, there shouldn’t be more excuses for skipping it from our routinary activities. Besides, what harm could it cause if we regularly do it aside from just a couple of minutes we spare for it?

However, do not ever think that when you are thoroughly brushing your teeth two to three times a day, you are already free from any other dental problem. Even if toothbrushing becomes one of your healthy hobbies, you still have to seek assistance from professionals.

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