Important post-procedure instructions to follow after a Juvederm dermal filler treatment

Skin Care

If you are planning a Juvederm dermal filler Toronto treatment, there are some post-procedure instructions to follow so you won’t mess the things up. Mentioned below are those instructions for your reference. Following these instructions will deliver fantastic result instead of a good one. 

You must ensure that you avoid excessive heat as much as possible. This includes hot showers, sauna baths, sunbathing, cooking using a hot stove etc. If you expose to excessive heat, the blood vessels on your body will dilate and bleed more. As a result, you will experience bruising as well. 

You must stay away from strenuous exercises after undergoing a dermal filler treatment. This will surely increase the blood pressure and thereby you will experience more swelling and bruising. 

Make sure that you avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Whenever you go out, you must wear a sunblock to protect your skin from sun’s UV rays. Otherwise, sunlight can cause permanent discoloration on the skin. 

Don’t consume alcohol at least for 24 hours after receiving the dermal filler treatment. Alcohol will make blood vessels to dilate and increase bruising significantly. 

If the filler is applied in lips, don’t use straws to drink anything right after the treatment. Also, don’t massage or rub the area at least for two weeks no matter how tempted you are. 

Don’t consume substances such as Vitamin E, Ginko, Bilboa, Advil, Garlic etc. at least for 14 days after the treatment. These substances are capable of increasing the risk of bruising. 

However, you can still continue to shower and engage in other daily activities without any issue. For instance, you can apply makeup even right after the procedure. If you want to reduce potential swelling and bruising, you can apply a cold compress gently on the treated area. 

Please note that the bumps or the marks that may appear right after the treatment can go away after a couple of hours. If there are bruises, don’t worry as they will go away gradually. You may experience some gentle pain, swelling or itchiness which are completely normal. 

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