Pranayam Is the Source of Freshness in Yoga

Pranayam Is the Supply of Freshness in Yoga


Pranayam is made by two phrases – ‘Pran’ and ‘Ayam’. ‘Pran’ means life or age and ‘Ayam’ means size. So pranayam merely signifies lengthy life. The yogic apply that will increase the span of life is named the yogic pranayam. Based on maharishi patanjali, “pranayam is the ability to control the pran”.Pran is the ability of consciousness which is current in your entire universe, together with the human physique. Pran controls the mind and senses. Based on Ayurveda, pran is totally different from air. It’s the pran that carries the air into physique by way of the “punch pran” as follows.

Pran: Pran leads the air from mouth to nostrils as much as the center. It causes respiration.

Saman: It leads the air from coronary heart to navel and performs the refined actions.

Apan: It leads the air from navel to the ft and performs the operate of urination and excretion.

Udan: It leads the air from throat to go and retains it in an upright place.

Vyan: It’s current in a whole physique.
Pran performs its features in a sequence as follows:

Rechak: to expel breath

Poorak: to breath in

Kumbhak: to carry the breath

Antric kumbhak: to breath in and cease

Bahay kumbhak: to breath out and cease

Kaivalya kumbhak: simply to cease breath (no matter it’s)
Yogic Pranayam: the continual apply of pranayam by yogis is named as yogic pranayam.Preparation earlier than doing Yogic Pranayam:

Yogic “shat kriya”

Observance of celibacy

Perfection in yogic pranayam


Focus of thoughts

The ratio of poorak, kumbhak and rechak ought to be of 1:4:2 and for the newbies it ought to be 1:2:2.

Pranayam ought to accompany with all three ‘bandh’ wherever relevant.

Poorak and rechak ought to be accompanied with mool bandh and uddiyan bandh.

Kumbhak ought to be accompanied with mool bandh and jalandhar bhand.

Dhyan and mantra with pranayam

Poorak ought to be performed twice of rechak

Pranayam could be performed in night, morning and afternoon, thrice a day.

If one doesn’t have correct data of doing yogic pranayam, then he/she should do that below knowledgeable steering.
Methodology of doing Yogic Pranayam:

Sit in padmasan. Exhale as a lot as potential. This is called rechak.

Now pull the genital and stop the air from entering into. Maintain this place as much as threshold. That is referred to as, “bahya Kumbhak”.

Now step by step inhale whereas repeating ‘gaytri mantra’ or om. That is referred to as poorak.

When the lungs are stuffed with air, maintain the air so long as potential. This is called “antar kumbhak.”

Whenever you really feel uneasy, step by step launch the air in order that a lot of the air comes out of the lungs.
Advantages of Pranayam:

It clears the airway and stop from respiratory illnesses.

It purifies the blood and removes the toxins out from the physique.

It provides reduction within the vata, pitt and kapha illnesses.

It reduces hypertension by normalizing blood stress.

It refreshes the physique.

Pranayam shouldn’t be carried out within the soiled atmosphere.

It shouldn’t be carried out in robust wind.

It should not be performed on the mattress whereas masking the face.

It should not be performed two hours earlier than and after the meal.

Though it may be performed anytime, the time earlier than dawn is sort of helpful.

Pregnant ladies and bodily weak individuals should not do that.

Whereas doing the poorak, the abdomen ought to be held out whereas doing rechak it ought to be pulled inside.